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Julie & Stephanie, A Nautical Wedding in Newport Beach

“I have a surprise for Julie during the ceremony”, Stephanie whispered to me as Julie walked downstairs to get ready. “I’m going to lip sync and dance to Glee’s version of Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream as Julie walks down the aisle”.

As Julie ascended the stairs to the upper deck of the boat, the music started and quickly became infectious. Stephanie slowly began to dance her way down the aisle as friends and family encircled the couple and before long it looked like a dance club on a Saturday night. When the music faded and a formal bow and curtsy completed the couple sashayed their way down the aisle to start a new chapter in their lives.
Surprise Song and Dance wedding ceremony.jpg
Surprise Katy Perry lip sync.jpg
A bow and walking down the aisle.jpg

This story embodies the fun loving and caring spirits of these two beautiful ladies. It only takes 5 minutes to see the deep love and respect they have for one another. They embrace their differences as individuals to become stronger as a couple. They can laugh at the little things that drive each other crazy and appreciate what truly matters in life, happiness! The key to any successful marriage and describes this celebration to a tee.

Nautical Themed Same Sex Wedding in Newport Beach CA.jpg

As the fog cleared over Newport Beach Harbor, family and friends boarded Electra Cruise ship “Athena”.  A simple nautical wedding theme was evident in all the details of the day, from the sea shell name cards to the lantern bouquet.

Electra Cruiseline ship Athena.jpg
Shell blue and white namecards.jpg
Ring bearer and flower girl sailor outfits.jpg
Chic lantern bouquet alternative.jpg

Ring and lantern details with wedding polaroids.jpg
Wedding Dress details.jpg
Wedding Ring piano string details.jpg

Before we set sail, Stephanie saw her beautiful bride for the first time in her wedding dress in an emotional First Look.
Anticipation at the First Look.jpg
The joy of the First Look.jpg
Emotional First Look.jpg

The ceremony began as the Athena pulled away from the dock for a day of celebration, amazing weather and lots of fun and games.
Handwritten wedding vows.jpg
Holding hands portraits.jpg
Sweet kiss on the bow.jpg
Stephanie Chang Portrait bow of Athena.jpg
Mother Daughter hug before ceremony.jpg
A little kiss on the cheeks.jpg
Both Julie & Stephanie love games so they decided to play a few during the reception.

The Shoe game wedding reception.jpg
Unique games for Wedding Reception.jpg
Wedding toast reception.jpg
Bride watching wedding reception dancing.jpg
Wedding reception dancing.jpg
Fun Family Group Photo.jpg
Julie and Stephanie waving Farewell.jpgAs their family and friends departed, Julie & Stephanie waved goodbye to a New Year’s Day they will never forget.


Venue: Electra Cruises, Newport Beach California

DJ & Pianist: Bobby Mustol Musical Services

Florist: Flowers by Mariana

Wedding Planner: Susan Pereda

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